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2015/03/20 Alexandrinsky Theatre presentation, St. Petersburg

On the 20th March 2015, I presented my recent work and research at the Alexandrinsky theatre, New Stage building, St. Petersburg. The focus of my presentation was the Gen.AV workshop, hackathon and performance. The Alexandrinsky theatre is one of the most renowned theatres in St. Petersburg, and its New Stage (in a separate building from the main stage) is dedicated to more experimental and exploratory approaches, with an emphasis in integration of new media elements. Event link: http://thenewstage.ru/project/602/nuno-korreyya-vizualizaciya-zvuka-i-muzyki

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nunocorreia/sets/72157655153165680

2014/03/27 EstCHI presentation

On 27/3/2014, I made a presentation at the first EstCHI meeting, at Garage48 in Tallinn. I discussed audiovisual user experience, presented my work and research plans.

Presentation link: http://nunocorreia.com/files/estchi/

2013/11 Presentation and performance at the Art of New Media Forum, Arseniev Museum, Vladivostok

On 3/11/2013 I made a presentation at Arseniev Museum, Vladivostok, Russia. Link:
On 5/11/2013 I performed 2 Video Jack projects: AVOL and Master and Margarita.