2013/10 AVVX Visual Music Workshop @ CC4AV, Riga

Links for the AVVX Visual Music workshop @ CC4AV, Riga 1-5/Oct/2013:


Audio-visual composition: theory, history and state of the art

Workshop links

Baltic Diving Co. photos

2013/09 Teaching at Emotional Window workshop, Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki

On 16/9/2013 I made a presentation on sound visualization, audiovisual composition and emotions at the Emotional Window workshop, at Aalto Media Factory.

I presented two publications, Chion’s “Audio-Vision” and Ali Yuksel et al.’s “An Interface for Emotional Expression in Audio-Visuals”. I also presented my AVVX work and thesis book, and recent relevant audiovisual art works. I proposed an assignment, and gave advice on the final projects. I also gave advice on the workshop structure, and took care of video documentation.


Audio-visualization of emotions – short assignment

Prepare a short video (around 30s-1m) audio-visualising two of the basic emotions identified by Dr. Paul Ekman (ideally a transition of one to the other), as presented by Sasa Kerkos.

The video should use as its starting point the previous assignment by Sasa Kerkos (emotion visualisation). Take care in combining audio and image, and aim to create added value as defined by Michel Chion.

The video and its sound can be made with original material or reusing material by others. Link to free media resources on the web: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Free_media_resources

2013/05 Coaching at AppCampus Finland

On 23/5/2013, I participated in the AppCampus initiative, as a coach. From www.appcampus.fi: “AppCampus is an €18 million joint project of Aalto University, Microsoft and Nokia. We offer financing and coaching in mobile technology, design and usability to Windows Phone developers.”

I coached 4 teams, 2 hour sessions for each. The teams were mostly developing music related apps. The coaching was done together with Gokce Taskan, who I have collaborated in different projects in the past. We gave the teams advice regarding interaction design and user experience.

Updated September 2013: I coached a second wave of AppCampus teams in September 2013, in a longer coaching process (5, 12 and 19 September).

2013/05 Developing Interactive Systems, IMKE MA, Tallinn University

Between March and May 2013, I taught the 28 hour Developing Interactive Systems course, part of Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments MA of Tallinn University. The course focused on mobile development with openFrameworks and iOS (although 2 of the 7 projects used other technologies).

Photos and a video from the course:

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2013/04 Information Visualization Design – Augmented Reality @ Media Lab Helsinki

In April 2013 I taught one week of the Information Visualization Design course at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University, ARTS), dedicated to Augmented Reality. Students developed their projects using the FLARToolkit, with some customizations by me. More on the course (and FLARToolkit): http://mlab.taik.fi/mediacode/c/courses-projects/ivd2013

2013/04 AVVX Visual Music Workshop @ PixelAche/AAVE Festival, Helsinki

The 2 day “AVVX – Visual Music with Vector Graphics” workshop took place at Aalto FabLab, Helsinki, as part of the CCLV – Creative Coding for Live Visuals event – organised by PixelAche/AAVE Festival, 10-11 April 2013. During the workshop, we discussed visual music; participants were introduced to the AVVX app; and prepared visuals for the software.

As per suggestion of the organisers, the sound source for the visualisations would come from one single musician/group. I proposed music by my project Baltic Diving Co (SoundCloud link), with Joel Tammik.

On the 3rd day, 13/April, we had a final performance at Sandro Bar, Helsinki.

Videos from the workshop and showcase (includes other CCLV events):

Photos from the workshop and showcase:

Baltic Diving Co. photos:

AVVX app (free, open source) available at www.avvx.org.

Thank you to course participants, AAVE and PixelAche (in particular Irina Spicaka).

2013/03 Multimedia Authoring @ Media Lab Helsinki

Multimedia Authoring at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University, ARTS) focuses on audiovisual compositions and explorations with code, namely C++/openFrameworks.

Projects by: Barbara Rebolledo, Dan Qin, Fabian Häusler, Janne Koivula, Kirsi Ihalainen, Rajeev Siewnath, Saku Kämäräinen, Sasha Kazantsev, Shakti Dash

Thank you: course participants, openFrameworks community
More info and outcomes from the course: mlab.taik.fi/mediacode/c/courses-projects/mma2013
Source code: mlab.taik.fi/mediacode/coursefiles/course_2013_MMA

2013/03 AVVX Visual Music Workshop @ Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn

The 3 day “AVVX – Visual Music with Vector Graphics” workshop took place at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in March 2013. During the workshop, we discussed visual music; participants were introduced to the AVVX app; and prepared audio and visuals for the software.

On the 4th day (8/March), we had a performance at Estonian History Museum, Tallinn, with: Markus Robam, Domenico de Cesare, Malle Maltis, Manus Olesk, Aleksandr Zedeljov, Sander Tuvikene, Taavi Tulev (also performing their own music).

The following video collects several lo-fi recordings captured at the showcase:

Photos from the workshop and showcase:

AVVX app (free, open source) available at www.avvx.org.

Thank you to course participants, Taavi Varm for iPhone filming, EAMT, and in particular Malle Maltis and Paolo Girol.

2012/12 Multitouch Interaction @ Media Lab Helsinki

The Multitouch Interaction course at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University, ARTS) focuses on using multitouch to create engaging experiences. Multiple devices are used, with an emphasis on the iOS platform. This video is a compilation of the exercises and projects done during the course.
iOS apps source code available at

More info on the course, and projects: http://mlab.taik.fi/mediacode/c/courses-projects/mti2012